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Title: Sales manager
Number: 1
Work place: Dongcheng District, Beijing
Category of function: Sales manager
Education background: Bachelor degree
Major: Marketing or mechanical engineering course
Years of working: 5-10 years, previous experience in the agency of automotive parts or mechanical products preferred
Monthly salary: Negotiable
Work time: full time
Job description/requirements:

1. Sales management, responsible for the domestic and international business of automotive parts;
2. Establish an automotive parts sales team, management system and work goal, and lead the team to complete the sales goal set by the company;
3. Establish and improve the distribution system of automotive parts, and continuously expand the ranges of agent products;
4. Contact those factories and distributors on behalf of the company for business;
5. Establish the business plan of automotive parts trading, work procedures and make sure the implementation;
6. Responsible for the daily management of the department and the management, guidance and evaluation of employees;
7. Establish the business goal of automotive parts, budget and incentive measures;
8. Responsible for market planning, brand promotion and continuous expansion of the company’s performance.

1. College degree or above, marketing or machinery related major;
2. More than 5 years of experience in the sales of automotive parts, previous experience in the general agency of automotive parts preferred;
3. Possessed of abundant customer resources and customer relationships, with excellent performance;
4. Strong ability of market analysis, market planning, distributor management and market tackling;
5. Good communication skill with people, strong ability of coordination, problem analysis and solving;
6. Great enthusiasm in career, and a certain degree of leadership needed.

Please send your resume to:;


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