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Product strategy:
To strengthen the research and development of new agent products, actively start deep communication with distributors and terminal customers to learn the information about the most advanced products in the market, focus on the exchange with manufacturers about the feedback towards products given by customers, and send people to monitor the work site.

Price strategy:
Keep the price competitive in the market without reducing the quality of product. The principal products of the company are mainly supplied to middle and high end customers.

Propaganda strategy:
Maintain the market place and high end image of “WATSON” brand;
Make the products accepted and acquainted by market and customers;
Demonstrate the strengths of WATSON’s products in terms of quality, safety, performance and service;
Adopt a targeted propaganda mode based on multiple channels and positions, and establish a closely-attached relationship between brand and product;
Create a three-in-one propaganda mode which integrates factory, distributor and terminal customer based on the requirement of market;
Set “establish high end brand” as principle and “achieve sales performance” as goal;

Channel strategy:
Develop a distribution system based on the power of the agents from all regions, establish a scientific, standard, reasonable and effective distributor system, and promote regional development by way of core distributor.
The company has established a standard distributor selection and evaluation system and formulated scientific and reasonable distributor selection and evaluation standards, first selecting those distributors with high credit and high brand loyalty as objects receiving support.


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