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MIIT: China sets a goal of 10% for industrial growth next year, equivalent to 2012

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The work meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) was held in Beijing on December 27, setting a goal of 10% for the added value growth of above-scale industry in 2013, equivalent to the industrial growth in 2012.

Miao Wei, head of MIIT, said when he was introducing the situation of industrial economy in 2012, that it was estimated the added value of above-scale industry in 2012 increase by 10% year on year, contribution rate of industry to economic growth exceeding 40%, profits achieved by industry equaling to 2011, tax increasing by 8.5%, and export delivery value increasing by 6.9%.

In the middle of 2012, MIIT reduced the industrial growth rate of the whole year to 10%, one percentage point down. From Jan. to Nov., the added value in above-scale industry has achieved the goal.

“Improve the quality and efficiency of development and promote the steady growth of industrial growth” is listed at the first place in the eight key tasks assigned by MIIT in 2013. “Now the foundation of industrial recovery is not solid and enterprises are facing trouble in operation. So, the task is an emergency as well as difficulty. ” said Miao Wei.

MIIT will stabilize the increase of industrial growth in terms of five aspects including the enhancement of technical reform in enterprises, implementation of the special action of industrial quality brand capability improvement, cultivation of information consumption, encouragement for private capital to enter army-civilian industry and the reinforcement of the monitoring, predicting of economic operation and guarantee of production factors.

According to Miao Wei, China is still in the middle of industrialization. In recent years, the international society has been discussing the “third industrial revolution”. Although when the new technology and industrial revolution takes place, what the challenges will be, and where to find the opportunities remain to be confirmed, MIIT will keep a close eye on that, and strengthen technology accumulation and perspective deployment, striving to take the commanding height of the competition in future technology and industry.


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